Twisted Ropes specializes in crafting high-quality hemp products, and our 5mm rope is no exception. Produced specifically for shibari enthusiasts, this single ply, 3-strand rope boasts durability and reliability.

Each rope undergoes meticulous inspection and conditioning by hand at our Burnley workshop. Utilizing a blend of jojoba oil and beeswax, our ropes are meticulously cared for to ensure optimal performance. We also offer a version without beeswax that is vegan friendly.

Our ropes are finished with twine whipping to ensure there is no fraying. With proper care and maintenance, the ropes can endure for years to come.

To assist customers in maximizing the lifespan of their rope, we provide comprehensive information on rope care techniques on our website.

Visit us at our workshop in Burnley to meet our dedicated team and discover firsthand the quality craftsmanship behind Twisted Ropes.